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Julia Heuer is the eccentric master of prints and pleats. The combination of unique artistique prints and different pleating techniques create a look that cannot be replicated. She gives those ancient techniques a contemporary and bold makeover that delights with sensuous colors and a brash mix of patterns.




Each SHIBORI PLEAT item that your receive is individually handmade. Pattern placement, pleating and measurements may vary as each piece is rolled around tubes by hand and bound with thread before going into the oven to change its shape permanently. Through this process, ghost pictures can appear on the print.

We are educating our customer that those irregularities are not mistakes but rather a sign of a valuable handmade process, and a sign for a Julia Heuer piece.

The pleats have been created by independently trained women of various ages and backgrounds, who have each been trained in the process of the Arashi Shibori. This makes each piece unique and worthy.



The best way for the customer to store the garments is by lying them flat, rather than by hanging. This applies also to the washing process. It helps to keep the pleats in form.

Customers can follow the care label's easy advice. The pieces require low maintenance. For any further questions, we are always happy to help, aiming to keep the pleats vibrant and beautiful.



With love, 
Julia and team